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You know I have certainly on paper charts forever that’s. You know all chart plotter small manufacturers come with. We spend a lot of time actually on the water building a better product looking at. We are here’s what I’d like to see instead of what we’re currently showing you know. And it’s all right there yeah it’s its pretty impressive.

More productive I use also as view settings the chart representation type is in. You want to play with the safety death okay let’s go back yeah settings safety death let’s say. This zero lines SD card it’s gonna pop up a message here. Ijust inserted as a map, so software I’m going to select no but. Now have the option with the zero lines SD card of recording up to a hundred hours of mapping data. You liked this video be sure to hit the circle icon down in the corner to subscribe for future updates.

Modern technology has enabled people to navigate their way around the world using hi-tech satellites with GPS capabilities that power the navigation devices in your car and smartphone in your hand. However, digital map software is a helpful tool to optimize the details of your trip, as smartphones and GPSs aren’t always reliable or up to date. With map software, you have access to massive networks of roads, trails, and points of interest across whole continents, so you’ll never get lost or be without the amenities of roadside stops. Added an additional star, after 15 runs it now is able to get back to its base 1 out of 3 times so there’s hope. Eventually, some day when it’s done mapping they claim you can tell it to do a specific area so at least there’s a possibility of a fix.

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Quickly and easily create polygon map overlays representing the distance that can be covered based on drive time in hours and minutes from a starting location. Get the most accurate, detailed maps for lakes in your region with Lowrance C-Map Lake Insight HD Mapping.

Customizable shaded depth contours of coastal and inland waters make reading at a glance simple. Satellite overlay, aerial imagery and bird’s-eye perspective. Comes with a free one-year subscription to Insight Genesis™ Premium.

Any chart because we’ve done a really good job of sourcing some hard-to-find stuff. Iwill try to show something more related to your region, so I’ve got a platinum region south I’m actually over del old Lake pick two body of water at random. You see there is no Google map view but there’s the 3d. You can also use the fishing range fishing ring let’s say. And 20 let’s go to 20 yeah sure yeah it’s the let’s go back back come on. Everything that is its white it’s the fishing range so.

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Let’s move on to something more interesting…something that really separates the pack…the MS Office integration. All three desktop applications felt easy to understand and use right away because they all adopt the Microsoft Office interface. Further, you are able to use familiar keyboard shortcuts, so the learning curve was dramatically decreased. This seems very different to online tools where you have to find your whereabouts, learning a new interface, before getting started. It’s essential to choose a program that allows export to multiple formats like PDFs, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and web pages. However, you don’t need to purchase mapping software that allows all these export formats.