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You need to stand out from the crowd and give your customers a reason to engage with you. Most bulk SMS providers make this easy for you by providing a range of powerful features and customization capabilities. For starters, always look for a solution that allows you to customize your customer data and messages. It should also allow you to schedule your campaigns, automate them, and use diverse, interactive media and languages.

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Two-way communication, reporting and analytics, internet SMS, keywords, marketing features, and DND are some of the other common features of bulk SMS software solutions. While emails go unopened for days, SMS is considered as an instant messaging tool that generates leads much efficiently. To advertise a sale, or an upcoming event, or any special offer, bulk SMS software services are the best to reach the customer in no time and provide the relevant information. Bulk SMS software is a central communication tool for businesses and organizations across countries. The software allows organizations to send bulk messages from the comfort of their desk to multiple hand-held devices.

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Rightly so, a business can store an unlimited number of contacts and send to as many leads as possible. Textedly is a truly functional and flexible text message marketing tool with a beautiful interface. The application assists businesses in reaching their target audiences through their mobile phone. By using SMS for marketing and promotional purposes, they instantly reach their subscribers who are likely to have their phones with them most of the time. SMS technology has risen to become one of the most critical communication channels for most individuals and organizations.

Whether you’re running a survey, making a booking, or advertising special offers to your customers, there are no better means than the use of bulk SMS services. Emails can go unread, calls can be unanswered, leaflets can be thrown into the trash, but when you send a text message, it will be read in the first moment it pops up in the phone’s notification bar. It’s like a norm for human beings to want to read a text message once received on their mobile phone. Whether you’re running a survey, making a booking, or advertising special offers to your customers, there are no better means than the use bulk SMS services. TextMagic is also a dedicated mobile app; you can take your campaigns on the go and use branding tools like dedicated virtual numbers that can display your business and product name. The software supports multiple languages, and up to 918-character limit messages. In addition, with the reporting and analytics tools, you can track performance and see the ROI you’re getting out of every text.

Every bulk SMS software has an interface with a service provider known as SMS gateway which ensures the delivery of messages to mobile numbers located anywhere in the world. Text messaging or SMS marketing works for several reasons. Remember, it’s important to meet your customers where they are. Now more than ever, customers are easiest to reach through text. It’s estimated that the average American spends more than 3 hours on their phone every day and sends an average of 3 messages per hour. In addition, Textedly offers advanced text marketing tools that allow its users to send 300 messages per second with a generous plan that welcomes unlimited subscription. Unlike other similar software, Textedly does not base its pricing with the number of contacts.

Ez Texting: Best Overall enables you to send and receive text messages from within your Salesforce account. Get instant customized text message alerts every time a new connection is added to Salesforce, a contact is updated to a new status, or any time a new contract is closed. The app allows the here users in an organization to communicate easily with customers, business partners and team members. Textline is a business text messaging platform used for communication that enables businesses to deliver innovative customer sales and services by replying to their client’s text messages effectively and efficiently. We started with over 20 reputable companies offering text message marketing services.