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There are a variety of Hex editors out there, and none of them make any sense to me. Somehow, dedicated hackers have taught themselves to see super metroid rom past a series of seemingly random letters and numbers and into what they mean to an Emulator, an SNES, or both. Also used are Tile Editors and a variety of specialized tools for each individual game. Newer Super Mario Bros is the unofficial squeal to New Super Mario Bros on Wii. With 128 new levels and a remix of new and classic graphics, this one is a must play.

  • This was the ultimate version of the best fighting game ever and it played so damn good.
  • All these weak sides were rectified by Street Fighter II Turbo, a new version of the game that brought new characters and put gameplay speed into overdrive.
  • And Street Fighter II was good but not stellar like its arcade cousin.
  • You could buy this cartridge and play games on it for a whole year and not become bored.
  • Gameplay was slower and there weren’t lots of fighters to pick from.

Now that is a collaboration project I would pay hundreds of dollars to see. Yeah while it isn’t the most exciting of all these hacks, it is an extensive undertaking. A lot of the examples on here change a few things, but as I said, nearly everything in the game has been changed to reference Iowa, or the farming community in some way. I have absolutely no idea, but more power to Dr. Floppy.

A complete overhaul of the already amazing SMB3, this hack features fantastic level design, and a professional-level experience. Not too difficult , this game has a few new features to go with the level overhaul, like the ability to store power-ups Super Mario World style and a random weather system (!!!). Most ROM hacking of old school games involves a Hex Editor – a program used to make modifications to the Hex files that are ROM dumps.

Hmm, sounds more like a Breaking Bad riff on The Legend of Zelda. Dr. Floppy created this hack and it can be found on It’s called The Legend of Iowa and is a hack of the original The Legend of Zelda game for the NES. As the name suggests it’s a complete remake, replacing nearly every tile and sprite in the game to make it seem more like a Hyrule adventure starring a farmer from Iowa as the name obviously suggests.

Nintendo Switch Online Is Getting One Of The Best Snes Games Ever

Not only that, but also the sound effects and music have been altered too. If you have a good ear you might recognize them as 8-Bit covers of some more famous tracks, which I’ll leave a mystery. I’m just a weird old vet who likes listening to other languages… And who loves playing video games, whether they be the original masterpieces or the creations of dedicated fans. A brilliant hack, considered the best of the best among Super Mario 3 hacks, and among old-school game hacks in general.

Kogarashi Mario World

Levels you can tell were created for 4 players in mind. Actually not finished yet but given how beefy and great this hack already is it’s a must play! Really good and hopefully updates in the future will bring this to mega awesome status eventually.