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Merz still convinces 52 of the Union voters.

According to the latest media report, at least that’s what the Ufa film producers think. The scandal surrounding the bankruptcy of the payment service provider Wirecard is to be filmed. “” The Wirecard case not only provides the template for a unique business crime, it is also a drama among kings, between cunning crime and technology belief, “” said the head of the Ufa film company, Nico Hofmann, of the “” Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung “”. “” There is hardly a facet of our economic coexistence that would not be touched, “Hofmann continued -” “Serious errors in supervision, political naivety to make Germany shine as a technology location, cheated investors and power fantasies that the international stock market like a civil war “see”. The producer announced that it would deal with the case in a “” 90-minute docufictional review “”. Wirecard had admitted that the annual balance sheet was missing EUR 1.9 billion and that the money at two Philippine banks probably did not even exist. The stock market price of the DAX group crashed, the company filed for bankruptcy. In the case, the Munich public prosecutor’s office is investigating. SPD Federal Finance Minister Scholz has announced a reform of German financial supervision as a consequence of the accounting scandal.

The pressure on him recently grew because, according to his ministry, he was informed on February 19, 2019 that the financial supervisory authority was investigating Bafin at Wirecard for market manipulation. In the billions of dollars in accounting scandal, the Munich public prosecutor’s office is investigating several managers on suspicion of fraud and market manipulation.

Including against Markus Braun, the former head of Wirecard and the ex-head of the Wirecard subsidiary Cardsystems Middle East, who is in custody. The ex-board member of the Munich-based financial services provider and key figure in the financial scandal, Jan Marsalek, is still on the run. He let his lawyer explain that he did not want to go to justice. It was initially suspected that he was supposed to be in the Philippines. But this trail did not lead far. According to the latest report by “Spiegel” “he could be in Belarus.

According to the “” Handelsblatt “” report, chat logs had previously appeared in which Marsalek allegedly stated his contacts with the CIA, the Mossad and an alleged million fortune. Source:, ysc / AFP / rts “After the fire in Moria thousands of people are homeless. (Photo: imago images / ANE Edition) Germany wants to take in 1,500 migrants from the Greek islands, even among AfD politicians in the Erlangen-Höchstadt district – an attitude that actually contradicts the party line. The responsible AfD district association is trying to gloss it over.custom biology essay services In the debate about the admission of refugees from the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, two AfD local politicians in Franconia voted for greater German involvement.

The two district councilors voted in a meeting of the Erlangen-Höchstadt district council for a resolution proposal by the Greens, as confirmed by the district office. AfD district chairman Siegfried Ermer said that the two AfD politicians had not approved the proposal by the Greens, but one of CSU district administrator Alexander Tritthart composed alternative template. In fact, however, the district administrator had only incorporated slight requests for changes from several parliamentary groups into the Green’s proposal. The vote in the district council then took place unanimously: with 50: 0 votes. The adopted paper states, among other things, with reference to the situation of the refugees on Lesbos: “” The situation of the people who have become homeless there is a humanitarian catastrophe. We oblige Comments by the Development Aid Minister Gerd Müller. Help cannot wait until unanimity is established in Europe. “” Müller had – initially against the line of his own party – demanded the admission of 2,000 refugees from Lesbos to Germany.

In the meantime, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed to accept around 1,500 more migrants from the Greek islands. It concerns families with children who have already been recognized as vulnerable in Greece. The Franconian resolution is only to be assessed as an appeal.

A final decision on the admission of refugees cannot be made at the district level. Greece’s largest refugee camp was almost completely destroyed by several fires last week. Around 11,500 people were left homeless, including 4,000 children. Thousands of former camp residents, including pregnant women and families with young children, have been outdoors since then. Source:, mba / dpa “Only recently, researchers in Hong Kong confirmed the corona infection of an already cured man for the first time.

Now there are apparently cases of this kind in Europe. Despite antibodies, a Dutch and a Belgian patient are likely to be infected a second time. According to a media report, two recovered corona patients in the Netherlands and Belgium have contracted the virus again.

The Dutch patient is an elderly person with a weakened immune system, the Belgian patient has mild symptoms, reported the Dutch broadcaster NOS, referring to the statements of virologists. The case of the patient in Belgium shows that the antibodies that he developed during the first infection were not sufficient to avoid a second infection with a slightly different variant of the virus, said virologist Marc Van Ranst: “” They are not good news. “” He said it was unclear whether such cases were rare or whether there were many more people who would become infected again after six or seven months. It was only on Monday that the case of a man in Hong Kong caused a stir got infected again with the virus four and a half months after he recovered. The Medical Faculty of the University of Hong Kong had announced on Twitter that it had detected the world’s first case of renewed Covid-19 infection.

The case suggests that “” immunity may be short-lived after natural infection “”. The man was infected with a different strain of coronavirus for the second infection than the first time and this time showed no symptoms. He was diagnosed with the virus after returning from a trip to Spain with a stopover in Great Britain. A real new infection, as in the cases in the Netherlands, Belgium and Hong Kong, requires, according to virologists, a genetic examination of the virus for both the first and the second infection. In this way, it could be determined whether the two virus cases differ slightly or whether the first infection has flared up again. Source:, mdi / rts “Female candidates for the CDU chairmanship are negative after Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer’s withdrawal . (Photo: imago images / Kraft) Chancellor Merkel no longer wants to run for the Bundestag election next year.

But their potential successors have a problem: the majority of Germans believe they are unsuitable in a survey. NRW Prime Minister Laschet does not even convince his own party. The majority of Germans do not consider any of the three candidates for the CDU chairmanship to be a suitable candidate for the Union’s chancellor. According to a Kantar survey on behalf of the Funke media group, only 19 percent of those questioned can imagine the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet as a candidate for chancellor, 61 percent consider him unsuitable. 19 percent did not want to commit. Health Minister Jens Spahn, who supports Laschet’s candidacy, scores a little better than the NRW head of government with 27 percent approval and 57 percent rejection. Economic politician Friedrich Merz has an approval of 30 percent, but a majority of 56 percent rejects the earlier one The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen, got the worst results.

Only 13 percent rate the third party chairman candidate as suitable and 60 percent as unsuitable. On the other hand, the CSU chairman and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, whom 45 percent of Germans consider a suitable candidate and 36 percent an unsuitable candidate for chancellor, enjoys overwhelming trust. 19 percent did not want to make a decision. Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that she does not want to run for a fifth term in the federal election next year. Regardless of this, it received by far the best survey results: 54 percent approve and 42 percent disapprove. Söder achieved an outstanding result among the supporters of the Union: 69 percent trust him to be a successful candidate for chancellor, while 20 percent have doubts about it. The CSU boss does better than Merkel, who has 63 percent approval.

Merz still convinces 52 of the Union voters. Spahn and Laschet achieved negative values ​​even in the Union camp with 31 percent and Röttgen with 24 percent. Remarkable: Laschet gets his best approval value of 76 percent among the supporters of the FDP, with which the CDU governs in North Rhine-Westphalia. With 67 percent, Merz does significantly better in the AfD camp than among Union voters. Spahn scores with 40 percent, especially with the Greens. The Kantar Institute, formerly Emnid, surveyed on 24.

June 2020 more than 500 representatively selected German citizens. The question was: “” In your opinion, the following politicians are suitable as candidates for chancellor of the CDU / CSU? “” The respondents were able to answer yes or no to the six politicians mentioned. Source:, chr “In the accounting scandal around the Suspected fraud in the billions at the Dax group Wirecard, the Federal Audit Office is now targeting possible errors of the financial supervisory authority Bafin and the Federal Ministry of Finance. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) “” We will examine the system of supervision – structure and risk management using the example of Wirecard – and why Bafin apparently did not take up the clues, “” said Federal Audit Office President Kay Scheller to the “” Spiegel “”. “” We will also examine how the Federal Ministry of Finance and Bafin dealt with the allegations of false balance sheets and the reports of the auditors . “” For Bafin, this is the second announced review of possible deficiencies and errors in the Wirecard case – previously the EU Commission had already set the European financial regulator Esma on the case. “” For years, hints were given, including through journalistic research, and the question arises as to whether the Bafin has looked sufficiently, “said Scheller. “” There are important questions unanswered here – and that is why the Federal Audit Office is challenged. There are obviously gaps in the supervisory system. “” Source:, dpa “Ex-CEO Braun is currently free on bail. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Markus Braun was the largest shareholder of Wirecard, but at 1.9 billion euros disappear from the company’s balance sheet, the then CEO cashed in with his shares. The financial supervisory authority Bafin believes that things were not right. In the Wirecard scandal, the financial supervisory authority Bafin is now also targeting ex-CEO Markus Braun because of insider trading.

A spokeswoman for the authorities announced that they had filed a complaint with the Munich public prosecutor’s office against MB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, which Braun is behind. It is about the sale of Wirecard shares for 6.6 million euros on June 24 – the day before the payment processor filed for bankruptcy. Further sales for 3.4 million euros by MB two days in advance are also being investigated.

Braun had already resigned as CEO at this point. Shortly before that, the company from Aschheim near Munich had to admit that 1.9 billion euros from its balance sheet in all probability did not exist. The Munich public prosecutor is already determining whether and to what extent the Austrian Braun is involved in the fraud. He was released from custody on June 22nd on bail of five million euros. Braun was also the largest single shareholder in Wirecard.

He had already sold most of his stake of eight percent on June 18 and 19 for 155 million euros. Because of the fall in the share price, he had to get rid of the papers in order to meet obligations to make additional contributions to lenders, known as margin calls, as it was called at the time. The Bafin stated that these transactions would also be checked for possible insider trading.

The financial supervisors are already on the trail of dubious stock deals in the run-up to the spectacular bankruptcy. The Bafin announced on Monday that it had passed on a first insider suspicion to the public prosecutor. According to a “” Handelsblatt “” report, this involves an entry in an online forum for investors. An anonymous user had written there that EY’s auditors would not unreservedly audit the Wirecard balance sheet – eight days before the actual refusal of the audit certificate. According to the contribution, the Wirecard management could not prove where significant sums came from as collateral in trust accounts.

Employees had passed on the information. Source:, chr / rts “Fighters from the terrorist organization Islamic State are still active, but the organization is apparently also struggling with the restrictions to contain the corona pandemic. (Photo: dpa) The terrorist organization Like the rest of the world, Islamic State is under the influence of the corona pandemic. Due to the global restrictions, the terrorists are disturbed in their work, the risk of terrorist attacks has apparently decreased. The global protective measures against the corona virus are apparently those of the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS) reduces outbound threats. The restrictions on public life and travel restrictions have apparently reduced the “” risk of terrorist attacks “” by IS in many countries, said the head of the UN’s counter-terrorism office, Vladimir Voronkov, in New York: The Russian diplomat did not specify in which countries the threat posed ISIS is believed to have fallen in recent months.

The jihadist organization had assumed responsibility for a large number of attacks around the world in the past. The most important areas of operation of the IS are still Iraq and Syria, even if the militia there was largely defeated by an international military coalition.