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Read here what you should consider when traveling to risk areas


The train drivers’ union GDL meanwhile demanded the conclusion of a comprehensive collective agreement in the railway industry. The GDL said on Friday that the introduction of short-time work is currently being discussed in a number of companies. In order to keep the economic disadvantages as low as possible, a collective agreement with the more than 50 railway companies that are GDL’s collective bargaining partners is necessary.


Train drivers union calls for collective agreement on short-time work

Protection against redundancies for operational reasons during the short-time work itself and for up to three months after it has ended should be a key factor. "The introduction of short-time work does not automatically mean protection against redundancies for operational reasons", said GDL boss Claus Weselsky. "That is why we want to agree comprehensive protection against dismissal in a collective agreement."

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Another essential component should be the entitlement to a short-time allowance allowance. According to Weselsky, this should always achieve 90 percent of the net remuneration that the employee would have without short-time work, regardless of the amount of the ordered short-time work. Such a collective bargaining agreement has so far only existed at Deutsche Bahn. The GDL now wants to raise the demand against all other tariff partners.

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The borders are still tight – in Egypt and other countries there are still ideas about what the everyday life of tourists could look like in times of the pandemic. But can that even create that holiday feeling?

Let’s assume that German vacationers are allowed to travel to Egypt again from July or August. The pandemic is far from over, face masks and disinfectants are still part of everyday life – even on the plane, in the taxi and in the hotel lobby when checking in. But the beaches at favorite seaside resorts like Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, while Corona is dead, would be open again. Summer could come – carefully -.

But would such a trip be safe with a view to the coronavirus? Is the quality of a beach vacation this year measured by the question of how well you could keep your distance? And can you really relax by the sea or by the pool if you are worried that someone sitting next to you in the restaurant will infect you? The catalog of rules for hotels in Egypt and suggestions in other travel countries give a little taste of what a beach vacation could look like in times of the pandemic.

This is how a vacation in Egypt could be for tourists

In Egypt the scenario goes something like this: guests pull up to a hotel, for example on the Red Sea. Employees spray the luggage with disinfectant. They hold an infrared thermometer to the forehead of everyone who enters the building. At the hotel entrance, guests see a sun logo with three hieroglyphs – a certificate that a doctor and sufficient protective clothing are available in the hotel, as well as a kind of in-house clinic in the event of coronavirus diseases. The certificate is awarded by experts from the Ministry of Health.

It feels like the hotel is running on Corona back burner. There are no parties, weddings or a show program to entertain the guests. Water slides are closed, as are jacuzzis, steam baths and massage rooms. The chlorine content in the pool water is increased. Fitness rooms and restaurants are disinfected every hour. The virus is also present when eating: Instead of open buffets, there are ready-made menus at the seat with sufficient distance to the neighboring kill a mockingbird essay outline Disinfectants and wipes are available at every table. A hotel floor or your own building is blocked for infected or suspected cases.


So far, conditions only apply to local guests

These requirements of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism from the beginning of May only apply to the reception of local guests. But they could serve as a blueprint should Europeans be allowed to enter and the Foreign Office lifted its travel warning. How strictly individual measures are adhered to will also depend on the hotel operators: Are guests really eating as much as possible with plastic cutlery, as specified in the catalog of rules? And will each pen really only be used once at check-in?

Of "Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation" According to the state newspaper, investors speak for the tourism industry with a view to the regulations "Al-Ahram". "It is a step in the slow recovery of the industry"says Kamil Abu Ali of the Red Sea Investors Association. From June 1st, Egyptian hotels will be allowed to receive local guests with 50 percent occupancy (however, only 18 hotels have received the required certificate so far). The revenue is urgently needed: Experts estimate that the industry is losing $ 1 billion in revenue per month due to the pandemic.

Popular vacation destinations are preparing for the day ahead

In other popular holiday countries, too, it is slowly becoming apparent how everyday holiday life could go. In Turkey, hotel guests must in future be able to keep a distance of 1.5 meters – at tables and queues, but also with their sun loungers on the beach. In Spain, there is a discussion about regulating access to the beach with registrations via mobile phone app, like the newspaper "El País" reported. Water games, sports or air mattresses could be completely banned there. In Italy, Covid managers should ensure distance and hygiene in beach resorts.

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Everyday Corona on vacation will have to settle in, as will everyday Corona when shopping or when carefully visiting a café and restaurant. The Egyptian government still wants that "appropriate time" wait before foreign tourists are allowed to enter the country again. This is likely to be difficult to determine in Egypt, as in other holiday countries, namely somewhere in the middle of slowly improving corona numbers and a tourism industry that has not yet crashed too deeply.

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Deutsche Bahn thinned out its night train network in Germany a few years ago. Now private companies are pushing into the gap in the market. The Alpen-Sylt Night Express will soon start.


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A night train is scheduled to run between Salzburg and Sylt from July 4th. Twice a week the Hamburg railway company RDC will have its own trains until September "Alpen-Sylt night express" in both directions, reports die "Southgerman newspaper".

The route goes via Prien am Chiemsee, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Husum – and thus connects several large cities with holiday regions in southern and northern Germany. RDC also operates the car train to Sylt.


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As the private railway company announced on Wednesday, the night express will be on its way up to and including September 7th. Departure days on Sylt are Thursdays and Saturdays, in Austria Fridays and Sundays. There is space for up to six people in the couchette compartments. The train should consist of ten to eleven wagons. A car is available for people with disabilities or limited mobility.

These IC connections already exist

Rail travelers can currently choose between several IC connections to Sylt: There are trains to Sylt from Dresden (via Berlin), Frankfurt, Cologne (via Bremen) and Karlsruhe (via Frankfurt and Hanover). From the island you can get to Dresden (via Berlin), Stuttgart (via Frankfurt, Cologne and Bremen), Frankfurt (via Cologne and Bremen) and Karlsruhe (via Frankfurt and Hanover).

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Three years ago the Austrian Federal Railroad (ÖBB) took over the loss-making DB night train business. The ÖBB Nightjet service is to be gradually expanded by 2026.

Sources used: dpa news agency–>

Deutsche Bahn wants to put an XXL train on the track that is even longer than the ICE 4. However, it will not be able to stop at all platforms.

The railway plans to use an extra-long ICE with more than 900 seats from next year. The new XXL train is according to information from "Picture on sunday" 374 meters long, it has 13 wagons with 918 seats – a record in the history of Deutsche Bahn.

XXL train is to run from June 2021

According to the information, the train will be used for the first time in mid-June 2021 on the route from Hamburg to Chur in Switzerland. From September 2021, the trains will then run from North Rhine-Westphalia to Munich.

In total, Deutsche Bahn wanted to use 50 of these XXL trains that could reach speeds of up to 265 kilometers per hour, according to the "Picture on sunday". The train can only stop at platforms that are at least 410 meters long.

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So far, ICE 4 has been traveling on busy routes

So far, the railway has mainly used the ICE 4 on particularly busy routes, which has been in regular operation since 2017. The trains have twelve wagons, are 346 meters long and have 830 seats.

Sources used: AFP news agency–>

Because of the Corona crisis, Deutsche Bahn has fewer passengers. That should now change with a discount campaign. However, the offer is only available for a short time.


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Deutsche Bahn (DB) is reacting to the decline in passenger numbers caused by the Corona crisis with a new special offer on the Bahncard. In October, the Bahncard 25 for the second class will cost just 24.90 euros instead of 54.60 euros for a month, as a spokesman for the railway announced in the newspapers of the Funke media group. This discounted Bahncard will be valid for one year.

Unprecedented offer

"The Bahncard has never been so cheap"said the spokesman. With the Bahncard 25, customers receive a 25 percent discount on all savings and flex prices for journeys within Germany.

"Almost unique in Germany": This is the station of the year 2020. Consumer advocates are demanding: Train should pay billions of euros in investments from 30 minutes late: IC and ICE: Deutsche Bahn is modernizing its fleet

According to the spokesman, the utilization of DB trains is currently around 40 percent. A year ago the occupancy was around 56 percent. By the end of this year, Deutsche Bahn is also adding around 13,000 seats to its long-distance fleet using new ICE4 trains, so that customers can keep the greatest possible distance to protect against the corona virus if necessary.

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For most countries outside the EU, an official travel warning still applies. This also includes Egypt. What should you consider if you still want to travel there?


What is currently valid for Egypt? What does the travel warning mean for Egypt? How can you enter? What restrictions can you expect in Egypt? What is the current number of infections?

Attention: This text was last updated on September 8, 2020. 

Until the beginning of August, the federal government’s travel warning still applied to all regions outside the EU. The repeal for four provinces of Turkey then aroused desires in other countries. Egypt also called for the travel warning to be lifted, but the number of infections continued to rise, so there are a few things to keep in mind if you are planning a vacation in Egypt.


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What is currently valid for Egypt?

The Foreign Office warns against unnecessary tourist trips to Egypt. The travel warning due to the coronavirus still applies. In addition, regardless of the corona pandemic, there is an unrestricted partial travel warning for the north of the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian-Israeli border area and remote areas of the Sahara. In addition, Egypt is a corona risk area, which entails a mandatory test within 72 hours and, in some cases, a quarantine requirement when returning to Germany. 

Since September 1st, all travelers arriving in Egypt (including Egyptian travelers) have to present a negative PCR test before they can enter the country. The test must not be older than 48 hours upon arrival. 

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What does the travel warning mean for Egypt?

After the partial lifting of the travel warning for Turkey, Egypt also demanded such a decision from the German government for its vacation areas. A travel warning is not a travel ban, but it should have the greatest possible deterrent effect. On the other hand, it offers tourists the opportunity to cancel trips for free.

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Sphinx in Egypt: The Federal Foreign Office warns against traveling to the North African country. (Source: Design Pics / imago images)