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Jumbo-Visma with top trio: Tony Martin before his twelfth tour participation

Let’s see how things go by then, how far I am then."

2 p.m .: Young footballers for Eintracht?

"Promoting young talent is very important to us", writes Eintracht Frankfurt on Twitter and shares a video of a little talent who is currently showing what it can do at a training camp in the USA:

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"One for the outside lane", replied a user. Another wrote: "In 18 years he’ll get us the trophy". We see the same way. 

1:03 p.m.: Injury bad luck in the Fernandes family

Injury bad luck for the football family Fernandes: After midfielder Gelson from Eintracht Frankfurt, his cousin Edimilson from league rivals FSV Mainz 05 is also out. The Rheinhessen announced on Tuesday that the 23-year-old had suffered a tear in the medial meniscus in his left knee during training and that he would be out for four to six weeks after an operation. Here you can read more about it… 

11:21 am: 1st FFC player with goal of the year

Congratulations to Géraldine Reuteler from 1. FFC Frankfurt: The Swiss Football Association has scored a goal for the striker, who also plays in the Swiss national team "Goal of the year 2019" chosen!

9.55 a.m.: Eintracht goalkeeper Trapp defends training camp in the USA

Eintracht’s goalkeeper Kevin Trapp is currently practicing hard at the winter training camp in Florida with his teammates. After a three month shoulder injury, he appears to be fit again. 

But the training camp in the USA has been criticized again and again recently, mainly because of the stress of travel and the jet lag. In an interview with colleagues at "Hessenschau" he showed little understanding for this. "I don’t know how people think they know how we are feeling. Just because it didn’t work out in the end, they suddenly hit the training camp"said the keeper.

This discussion took place last year. "We then had a phase in which we didn’t lose a game until April. We can therefore end this discussion very quickly"said Trapp. 

Eintrachts Gelson Fernandes: The player is out for several months due to injury. (Source: Eibner Pressefotos / imago images)

8.35 a.m.: Gelson Fernandes is out due to injury

Bitter for Eintracht Frankfurt: Full-back Gelson Fernandes had to leave the winter training camp in Florida prematurely due to an injury and be examined further in Germany. He had injured his hip flexor tendon. Now the club announced that Fernandes is expected to be out for three to four months. He should be operated on in Munich on Wednesday. Here you can read more about it…

7.57 a.m.: Good morning, Frankfurt!

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The Bielefeld company group Dr. Wolff has been active as a sponsor in cycling for years. Now she is founding a new racing team – to be led by a Dutchman.

Under the brand name of the shampoo Alpencin, Dr. Wolff Group from Bielefeld a new racing team. The company has long been involved in cycling. Now the Dutchman and cycling world champion Mathieu van der Poel is supposed to bring the new racing team to success.

According to information from, the Alpecin-Fenix ​​team around the 24-year-old van der Poel "Radio Bielefeld" Drivers from eleven countries, including four Germans. The official team presentation will take place on Friday in Amsterdam.

Jumbo-Visma with top trio: Tony Martin before participating in the tour for the twelfth time. Track cycling Olympic champion: Vogel without ambitions for a Paralympic career

The Bielefeld company group Dr. In addition to Alpecin, Wolff also owns brands such as Linola, Karex and the Plantur range.

Sources used:"Radio Bielefeld": New Alpecin racing team with Mathieu van der Poel

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6:06 p.m.: That’s it for today! 5:20 p.m .: ASC 09 Dortmund has a new assistant coach 4:17 p.m .: After 13 days off, the winter preparation starts at BVB 3:17 p.m .: Former BVB player celebrates his acting debut 2:32 p.m .: BVB Creates an Instagram account for English-speaking fans13:04 p.m .: Jadon Sancho and Mario Götze treat themselves to steak for over 1,000 euros12.44 p.m .: BVB wants this transfer for Paco Alcacer11.31 p.m .: Marcel Schmelzer experiences a special moment with BVB10.04 a.m .: BVB travels to Spain during winter break 9:07 a.m.: Marcel Schmelzer is thinking about saying goodbye to BVB 7.23 p.m .: Marcel Schmelzer wants to switch to the coaching bench after his football career 7.13 a.m .: Welcome back!

6:06 p.m.: That’s it for today!

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5:20 p.m.: ASC 09 Dortmund has a new assistant trainer

The upper division ASC 09 Dortmund has a new assistant coach. Andreas Köhler comes to Aplerbeck from Sinsen and takes on the role alongside coach Kotziampassis. Both had previously trained the TuS Sinsen. Now a new challenge awaits the trainer duo. Köhler says: "The anticipation is huge! I have of course followed the steep rise of the ASC 09 over the past 10 years. ASC 09 is a great club with enormous potential and perspective."

4:17 p.m.: After 13 days off, winter preparation begins at BVB

With newcomer Erling Haaland in their luggage, the pros from Borussia Dortmund will start their winter preparations on Friday. The footballers have had 13 days off.

3:17 p.m.: Former BVB player makes his acting debut

Former BVB keeper Roman Weidenfeller is making his debut as a TV actor. The 39-year-old plays a special role in the New Year’s episode of the dream ship: He plays himself and attracts almost eight million viewers in front of the screen.

2.32 p.m.: BVB creates Instagram account for English-speaking fans

Borussia Dortmund announced on Twitter that the club’s new Instagram account had been created. English speaking fans will now love "BlackYellow" kept up to date.

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1:04 p.m.: Jadon Sancho and Mario Götze treat themselves to steak for over 1,000 euros

The BVB stars Jadon Sancho and Mario Götze treated themselves to a top-class meal at the Gold Steak Club. The footballers spent 1,200 euros on a steak. And at "Nusr-Et" in Dubai.

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12.44 p.m.: BVB wants this transfer for Paco Alcacer

It is probably no secret that after Erling Haaland’s signing Paco Alcacer will no longer be the first link. One more reason for the Spaniard Alcacer to leave BVB. As "Sport1" reported, after Lucien Favre’s switch to a 3-5-2 system, there is no longer any room for the Spanish striker. The Alcacer Club would give up in winter, like "picture" reported. From a sum of 40 million euros, Borussia Dortmund is ready to talk.

11.31 a.m.: Marcel Schmelzer experiences a special moment with BVB

Marcel Schmelzer has had a lot of tough times at BVB recently. But the former captain will remember one moment for a long time, because with Borussia Dortmund he experienced one of his most beautiful ones, like that "Ruhr news" to report. After the final game of the season in Mönchengladbach (2-0), Schmelzer was celebrated by his fans. "It was an incredibly emotional moment for me. Probably one of the most beautiful in my sporting life."

10:04 a.m.: BVB travels to Spain during the winter break

During the winter break, Dortmund train intensively for the second half of the season. They will travel to the training camp in Marbella in Spain from January 4th to 12th. During the winter break, the following test matches are scheduled for BVB: Standard Liège (January 7, 4 p.m., Marbella), Feyenoord Rotterdam (January 11, 12 p.m., Marbella), Mainz 05 (January 11, 5 p.m., Marbella). Here you can read where Dortmund’s Bundesliga competition trains in winter …

9.07 a.m.: Marcel Schmelzer is thinking about saying goodbye to BVB

Ex-national player Marcel Schmelzer is dissatisfied with his current reserve role at Borussia Dortmund. If his situation does not change, he plans to leave the club in the summer. Read more here.

7.23 a.m.: Marcel Schmelzer wants to switch to the coaching bench after a football career

Last summer, 31-year-old Marcel Schmelzer was about to make a change – also to prepare for the time after his career. "Everything was settled on my part with a club from abroad, which would also have enabled me to work as a coach in a highly respected training complex – parallel to training and match operations"said Schmelzer to him "Kicker". "For me that was almost the most important point in the talks at the time, because I want to work in this area after my career. It was an extremely exciting overall package and it was a perfect fit."

Marcel Schmelzer: The Bundesliga professional would like to start a coaching career after his active career.

But BVB refused to release it. "I had to accept that, even if I was very disappointed. Because even then I had the feeling that I would hardly get any employment opportunities. And that’s how it happened." Schmelzer is not part of the regular formation at coach Lucien Favre. This season, the U21 European champions have only played a few minutes so far, also due to injuries.

7.13 a.m.: Welcome back!

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Change of coach at FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt: After Robin Krüger resigned from his position as coach after just three match days, ex-assistant coach Manuel Rost is now stepping in. 

The former assistant coach, Manuel Rost, will take over the coaching role at FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt until further notice. The club said in a press release. His predecessor Robin Krüger resigned as coach after just three match days. 

On Tuesday, Krüger resigned from his position after talks with the management, representatives of the club and the coaching team. However, the club denied rumors that Krüger should have been demoted to assistant coach or fired from the club. With regard to the sporting situation, it was only decided to bundle sporting skills and move closer together in the team. Krüger did not want to support this team solution, the club said. 

Requirements can only be mastered in a team

"We take note of this with regret and have to accept his decision for better or for worse", said Rot-Weiß Erfurt on Tuesday. However, they are convinced that the major requirements can only be met faster and more effectively in a team. 

New regulation: Thuringia allows spectators to play indoor sports again. Joy about offspring: Three lion babies born in the Erfurt Zoo. Regio-Nachrichten: All the latest news from all cities

In the home game against FC International Leipzig, Rost will be the head coach on the sidelines for the first time at the weekend. "I am red and white through and through. Of course I see myself as part of the team and lead the team into the important game on Saturday with optimism", he was quoted in the press release. 

Sources used: FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt: communications from September 1st and 2nd

The financially stricken Wuppertaler SV can apparently only count on little support from its members. Because so far only around half of the members have paid their contribution.

Because of the Corona crisis and a lack of audience income, the financially troubled Wuppertaler SV has got even further into trouble. Due to the conversion of an account from which the membership fees were previously collected, the WSV can apparently no longer even count on the membership fees.

Because apparently only around half of all 1,500 members have so far transferred their contribution to the new account. The notification had already been sent in July. Because of this, the WSV was forced to send a public message to its members to remind them to transfer the money.

"We ask for payment again in this way in order to avoid further costs", it says on the club’s website. Because: "If the amount is not transferred in the next 14 days, we have to initiate dunning procedures"it continues.

Hope for new regulation: WSV has a concept for more stadium visitors Because of visitor restrictions: WSV wants to show games in a live stream. Regio-Nachrichten: All the latest news from all cities

In particular, the small number of 300 admitted visitors to home games had not been able to bring Wuppertaler SV back into the black even after the game operations were resumed.

Sources used: Homepage of Wuppertaler SV: Contribution from September 8, 2020

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